7 Day non veg diet plan For Non Veg Lovers

Deliciously Meaty: Your 7-Day Non-Veg Diet for a Healthier You

#Purpose of the Diet Plan:

Day 1: A Simple Guide to a Non-Veg Indian Diet

Breakfast: Masala Omelette

Lunch: Chicken Curry with Roti

Dinner: Basmati rice and vegetables with spices; Biryani; and Fish Tikka.

Day 2: Non-Veg Indian Diet Explained

Breakfast: Spicy Egg Bhurji

Lunch: Blissful chicken biryani.

Dinner: Vegetable Pulao with Grilled Fish.

Day 3: An Appetizing Tour of Non-Vegetarian Indian Delights

Masala Omelette Delight for Breakfast

Lunch: Chicken Biryani



Dinner: Fish Curry



Day 4: A Delectable Exploration of the Indian Non-Veg Diet.

Breakfast: Spicy Egg Masala Toast

Lunch: Fish Curry with Brown Rice.

Dinner: Lamb Biryani

Day 5 Non-Veg Indian Diet: Delicious and Nutritious Meals.

Breakfast: Spicy Egg Masala Sandwich.

Lunch: Chicken Curry with Roti.

Snack: Chicken Tikka with Mint

Dinner: Grilled Fish with Quinoa Salad

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