Best Shoulder workout with Big Brother

Develop Strong Shoulders: An Easy Guide to the Greatest Big Brother Shoulder Workout

Benefits of a Shoulder Workout with Big Brother

Warm up:

1. Overhead Press

How to Do It:

Sets and Reps: 


2: Side lateral Raise

How to do it:

Sets and Reps:


3 Cable Rope Front Raise

Tools Required:


Benefits :

4. Dumbbell Front Raise

The front lift dumbbell exercise:

5. Seated, rear bent over

Method for Bent-Over Seated Rear Row:

Benefits :

6. Face Pull

Guidelines for Face Pulls:

Benefits of Face Pulls

Reps and Sets: 


1.Which shoulder exercises are the greatest to practice with my older brother?

2.How frequently should we both work on our shoulders?

3.Can we perform shoulder exercises without expensive equipment at home?

4.How should I warm up before working out my shoulders with my big brother?

5.How can we be certain that we’re performing the exercises safely and correctly?


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